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The art of leadership using Social Media

pizza pizza Mobile Strategy

Assignment 10 Ana Maria Zurita Delfin I believe they have the two different versions in order to reach to a larger demographic, some people might not want to download the … Continue reading

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Four Apps Reviews

1. CAAA (Canadian Automobile Association) How does the app communicate with its users? According to a conversation over the phone to the Consumer and Technical Service at the 1800 ACC … Continue reading

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SuzyQ – New Strategy

    Ana Maria Zurita Delfin Marketing Manager How will you leverage mobile search?  In order to leverage the mobile search I would do the following things related to their … Continue reading

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From Social to Mobile

 1.   MacDonald´s  a) Approached: McDonald approached the app technology with the objective of improving their 4 Ps of their marketing mixt: Product/CSR: One of the values that McDonald´s tries to … Continue reading

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Haroldify2 has the new formula of success

  The First thing Haroldify2 should do is to re brand itself as a marketing automation business that offers Web 2.0 service. They have to do so by: Creating a … Continue reading

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Importance of Social Media in Communications

  1. How has social media impacted the traditional communications industry? Some of the characteristics that social media generated are summarized below: Marketers can get instant information about their target … Continue reading

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Red Bull Social Strategy

Red Bull Social Strategy     Blogs Red Bull’s blog, encourages conversation in the topics of Athletes & Teams (endorsed by Red Bull), Sports, Events, World Series and Culture. All related … Continue reading

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