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The art of leadership using Social Media

Twitter is one of the top four


Twitter is one of the top four social media applications; it is a great tool that can create awareness for any organization or any person who likes to share their thinkin about any topic, without the need of a budget. (Thomas, 2012)

Some of the advantages of using Twitter are: It can be used as an instant focus group. If the organization had a blog, posts can automatically populate onto Twitter by using (Thomas, 2012)

The key is to create a snowball effect. It means if an organization’s followers retweet the organizations Twitter posting, all their friends might become new followers, and their friends retweet, and so on, and so on. Believe it or not, people often search for names on Twitter before they search for an organization’s main website.

Twitter is a prime location and interaction tool to help organizations build a brand real-time.  Due to the limited 140-characters is not possible to post long text; however is good tool to repost the organization’s slogan, and build brand awareness.

3 main benefits

  • Twitter Search:  This is a way to streamline the “Twitxpertice” to see what is going on Twitter right now (because everything with the web is right now).  You can see who is rewetting posts, review comments about the organization and quickly its favourite Social Media influences and industry leaders.  (Thomas, 2012)
  • Marketing Multitasking:  When the organization does anything new, from posting to blog entry to starting a video contest, announce it on Twitter, through Twitter feeds.
  • Conducting Research:  Organizations could also do research about how people are conversing about a topic. Twitter search ( is the easiest Twitter trend tool it is to see a live feed of the current conversation on that topic.  (Thomas, 2012)


3 risks pertaining to using the platform correctly

  • Free blogging sites: The URL has the name of the free site of blog included in the name. The template can be limited. (Thomas, 2012)
  • Who writes? Sometimes people who write don’t have very much to say that’s interesting, and/or are unable to write down their ideas and sometimes the people who have most to say don’t have enough time to write it. Thus, the real expertise within the organization lays hidden, as you get drowned in trivia. (McGovern, 2005)
  • Inappropriate writing: “Regular writing may give rise to slangs and sloppy way of writing spoiling the quality of proper usage of language”

             (Advantages and Disadvantages of blogging, 2012)


 Oreo and uses twitter during the Super Bowl Blackout

During the 34 minutes Super Bowl XLVII Blackout Oreo launched its campaign “You can still dunk in the dark”. This message caught on almost immediately, getting 15,000 resets.  (Watercutter, 2013)

Oreo took this inconvenient as an opportunity and Twitter is the best tool to use at the same moment that situations are going on.



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