Follow and Being followed

The art of leadership using Social Media

My Blog’s strategy

I am a blog follower of different marketing gurus and their successful blogs will be the bases for mine own, that is why I decided to create a SMART objective in order to make sure that everything I write will be according to my objective, which will be:


Put in practice 100% of my Blogging skills that I will learn in this course in every new initiative that I have in my professional carrier.

I believe that my readers (people from the marketing globalized world) will like the topics that I will write. Some of the topics will be related to the difference and similarities of how marketing is managed specifically in North America compared to the Latin American countries. I will start promoting my blog to my current contacts in this field, who I will invite to answer back to my blogs and also to generate a snowball effect, so other people could get to know more about me.


Increase a 60% of my current number of Blogging followers by August 2014.   Having certified skills (Mobile and Social Media Management) that not many professionals have in this field will help me to promote myself and gain more followers.


Get a management position related to Social Media, Marketing or Graphic design.


Demonstrate by actions and positive attitude, the confidence that I have about myself, and I can be the difference in any position that I take.


Achieve my main objective of getting new professional skills and apply them by the end of August 2014.


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