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The art of leadership using Social Media

Haroldify2 has the new formula of success


The First thing Haroldify2 should do is to re brand itself as a marketing automation business that offers Web 2.0 service. They have to do so by:

  1. Creating a positioning statement
  2. Key message
  3. Content Marketing tactics
  4. Other elements


1. Positioning Message

In my opinion before stating a key message we need to create a positioning message. The positioning statement has the goal to distinguish the brand form competitors

The mentioned statement has to answer the following questions: 

  • who you are (Kansier, 2006)
  • what business you’re in
  • for whom (what people do you serve)
  • what’s needed by the market you serve
  • against whom do you compete
  • what’s different about your business
  • what unique benefit is derived from your product or services? (Kansier, 2006)

            Positioning Statement:

 Harodfy is a leader in the marketing automation business, which offers its B2C and B2B clients a unique service of marketing automation strategy by measuring it with its exclusive analytic system, which ultimately generate revenue for its clients.


2. Key messaging

 After having the Positioning Statement it is easy to state the Key message, which has to have the following criteria:

  • Be believable — support with evidence (Pollard, 2007)
  • Be understood — reflect stakeholders understanding
  • Be distinctive — clear competitive awareness
  • Be agreed — company strategy
  • Be credible — know your stuff
  • Drive your agenda
  • Avoid negativity
  • Enhance positively
  • Use the brand (Pollard, 2007)

 Key Message:

Harodfy is a leader in the marketing automation business; its happy and successful clients reflect a distinctive image among their competitors. Its strategy focus on a unique automatic system of tracking and measuring every decision is taken.


3. Content Marketing Tactic

The Content Marketing Tactic must be quality. It should act as a push element in order to get new customers. 

It should be a complete Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy that has the following main elements (online platforms):

  • Database that includes:
    • Synchronize with CRM
    • Data Quality
    • Template Management (based on one to one service)
  • E-mails, blogs, newsletters, articles, eBooks, case studies, testimonials, videos, etc.
    • Personalize, not sent by a system
    • Consistence
  • Campaigns:
    • Integrate the social media and traditional media, depending on the target market.
    • Make sure that the content is according to each specific social media platform.
  • Leads that work:
    • Learn more about prospect customers, and show them the way you can help them without them asking by creating awareness, interest and then motivation to take actions.
    • Get leads from your web site and other web sites as well
  • Analytics
    • Prepare ROI Reports
    • Campaign reports
    • How many people are talking about it in Social Media?
  • Website
    • Track visitors
    • Include Visitor forms
    • Which of its pages is more visited as a landing page?

 Other elements

In addition to the mentioned content marketing tactics Harodfy should implement some of the following elements:

  • Webinars
  • Printed and digital magazine
  • E-learning
  • Mobile apps
  • Online media sites
  • Content platform
  • Podcast
  • FB apps
  • Road show
  • PR (when is necessary)
  • Info graphics



Kansier, F. (2006, May 28). Tutorials. Retrieved November 11, 2013, from Marketing Profs:

Pollard, C. (2007, January 8). Developing effect key messages . Retrieved November 11, 2013, from Smallbusinesspr:




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