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SuzyQ – New Strategy




Ana Maria Zurita Delfin

Marketing Manager

How will you leverage mobile search?

 In order to leverage the mobile search I would do the following things related to their SEO:

First of all they should create their own Corporate Image, starting from having a more distinctive logo.

  1. Redesign the whole web site should provide a pleasant User Experience, easy to navigate from the beginning until the customer places an order. The site should focus in the following
    1. Big call to action buttons such as: promotions, order now and contact.
    2. Create a sign in option, so they could get people’s information and later send push notifications, through different channels.
  2.   Make their web site mobile responsive.
  3. Constantly update their web site, especially for special holidays such as (Thanksgiving and New Year’s, change of the season, etc).
  4. Have use Key words on their web site such as:
    1. Doughnuts
    2. Homemade
    3. Breakfast
    4. Local ingredients
    5. Fresh
    6. Tender
    7. Soft
    8. Less melt-into-sugary-tasting
    9. Delightfully
    10. Delightfully-chewy
  5. Include Social Media Links on their site
  6. Create a Blog that will connect to their Social Media and Generate traffic to their site. Make sure to include other related companies URL’s on their site.
  7. Strategy design the Landing page

What will your mobile advertising program look like? What partners exist to support the distribution?

 My Mobile Advertisement will consider the following:

 Target Audience:  

According to Agriculture and Agri-food Canada Doughnuts represent the most popular consumed pastry in North America

Most of their customers are men 35 and up

Households (usually food shopper) with 5 or more members

(Government of Canada, 2012)

Marketing Channels Partners:

My Mobile Advertisement will use the following Channel

  • Mobile App
  • Web Landing pages: This will include PPC  and will support the rest of the Channels (only in the mornings)
  • Mobile Banner Ads in other business Landing Pages
  • Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog, Youtube
  • SMS

Mobile Promotions:

  • Facebook: Share the app with friends and you will receive 20% discount, tike Facebook page, and you will get a 50% discount
  • Twitter: do it when you are having a Suzy Q Doughnut, and share your experience. Link URL’s and drive traffic, to other Social Media and to the Web site.
  • Youtube: Share a video when you are sharing doughnuts with your family and your next meeting, doughnuts meeting will be on us for no more than 8 people.
  • Instagram: Share your favorite pictures or quotes when having doughnut.
  • SMS

Mobile App:

The mobile app will be to be used to keep in touch with current clients, placing orders, collect points to have the chance to win a trip to Orlando.

It will also have different games that will encourage customers to take an action and go to get their doughnuts at the shop.

Mobile Partners that will support the distribution:

 According to 84% of Smartphone owners use apps while getting ready in the morning. (Fox, 2013)  Most of the time doughnuts are consumed in the morning, usually for breakfast, that’s why some of the partners will be the following Mobile Apps:

  • Alarm apps: Some of them could be Sleep cycle alarm, Rise Alarm Clock I (this app turns on by activating the person favorite song, sometimes the song could be Suzy Q’s jingle) , Carrot Alarm.
  • Weather App:  There will be Suzy Q banners in weather apps
  • Social Media: Promotion of the day, including shares, likes, Pins, Tweets, etc,
  • News: There will be Suzy Q banners in local new apps and sites
  • Financial News,
  • Traffic Apps
  • Horoscope Apps
  • Public Transit: Such as Bus follower or Ottawa Transit


Note:  The banners will be simple and people who click them will get 20% discount in their next visit.


Will mobile SMS be a solution for you? If so, what partners exist to support distribution?

Yes, the use of mobile SMS will be a good solution to support the overall marketing campaign.

The First step will be to get a database of their customer’s mobile numbers, mainly through the web site and the Mobile app, make sure that you get the person’s authorization to get the messages.

Once we have this Susy Q, should start sending messages to their clients basically to:

  • Send Reminders of their new promotions
  • Send Promotions in the mornings, such as: if you go to the store and show this message, you will get a 50% discount.
  • If you forward this message to a friend he/she will have a doughnut free.
  • You will be able to receive your favorite doughnut for free in your Birthday if you respond to your Birthday Greetings message.
  • SMS will also help to increase traffic to the site and all the Social Media Platforms.
  • Generate a Code in Social Media that customers can use to message you and get their discounts.

SMS Partners that will support the distribution:

Some of the companies that could be very good partners are:

  • Taxi Companies: For example Blue line. After people ask for a cab in the morning, the company could offer to bring some Suzy Q doughnuts for their breakfast, through a Text message.
  • Instant Messaging Apps Such as: Viber, Line, What’s up, WeChat, Facebook Messager, QQ, etc.

It will mainly send reminder to the customers


What steps would you need to take to set up a mobile store on Shopify?

Before accessing to Suzy Q Doughnuts should do the following:

Find out if they could use their existing domain that is currently used in their Word Press site and use it in Shopify.

Prepare all the content that will be in the web site, that includes the text and all the images and videos that will be there.

Once they have all the above, they are ready to access to and the steps to follow are:

  1. Sign up to, in order to do that Suzy Q doughnuts have to provide all their details, once they are done they will be able to log in.
  2. Choose a Theme, Browse the possible options, read reviews and then start to customize it.
  3. Add Products, Make sure that all of the pictures have the name, description, image, and type of product. Include information like, whether to charge taxes, delivery options, payment options, etc.
  4. Launch the Store.

(Masters, 2013)

Note: Shopify automatic create mobile user friendly web sites



Fox, Z. (2013, October 15). apps-morning-commute. Retrieved march 7, 2014, from

Government of Canada. (2012, October 30). Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Retrieved March 7, 2014, from

Masters, D. (2013, August 20). how-to-set-up-your-first-shopify-store–fsw-41823. Retrieved March 8, 2014, from–fsw-41823




One comment on “SuzyQ – New Strategy

  1. Dave
    March 11, 2014

    Thanks, Anamaria. Overall, this is well done but the idea of SuzyQ creating a mobile app is a big red flag for me. As discussed in class, the cost of developing and maintaining a mobile app would be very high for a small business like this. I would definitely focus on less costly activities.

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