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Four Apps Reviews

1. CAAA (Canadian Automobile Association)

How does the app communicate with its users?

According to a conversation over the phone to the Consumer and Technical Service at the 1800 ACC automatically updates their apps, the main channels to engage with users are:

1800 phone number: I noticed that there is a approximately 5 min wait when you call to this number. The operators are very polite, however, they cannot inform more of what they have on their script.

By having a conversation with someone who used to be a CAA member I found out that they give a call to member holders when their membership is about to expire.

Web site: They have a lot of information on their web site which according to me it is too busy, which does not give a user a pleasant UX.

Social Media: They have a very good Social Media Communication, especially on their Facebook page where people constantly interact and engage into conversations.


Their magazine is one of Canada’s most read print publications.


CAA sends emails to their users that have a membership and they previously requested to get notify about their updates.


CAA app has a very user-friendly design; however it is only available for members, unless you only want to get general information.

Advertising:  On March 19, 2014 CAA announced that on the spring they will launch their campaign  that measures to make cycling safer.

(Mobile App News)

How successful is the approach,

I believe this is a good approach, however they should try to unify their communication channels, or make them more, the recommendations are bellow.

How do you think it could be improved? 

In order to answer this question I tracked some of the following negative reviews listed on their web site:

Negative: February 19, “Make a more reliable technology since the app sometimes shut down”

Negative: January 11, “The information is not quick enough and if so it is unreliable, some people that answer the phone does not take accurate information”

Negative: January 7, “Sometimes there is no answer at the  1800 number and the whole app system does not work, so the app is unreliable”.

Negative: January 1, “The app consumes too much battery. It is impossible to use something else while you are  using this app”.


  • Make sure that the communication is consistence in all their channels, and works in all their channels
  • Make sure that the service over the phone is more Heterogeneous, so the service delivery by the employee is always quick and accurate.
  • Make sure the app works 24/7 and it does not consume too much battery

2. Zendesk 

How does the app communicate with its users?

According email exchanged to Anthony Roman Zendesk representative “End-users send an email to the support help desk email address and also gets responses thru email. The customer can also directly post questions via the form available in the portal of the help desk and they can also check answers there”

On the other hand, Zendesk enhance its communication with their clients by encouraging them to exchange audio, video and data using a browser.

Zendesk expands:  On March 18, 2014, Five9 Integrates with Zendesk. By partnering with another clud-based contact center solutions providers bring their products together. This integrategration incues automatic call distribution (ACD), computer telephony integration, interactive voice response, and automated dialing.  This integration allows agents to:

  • Automatic Computer integration communication, screen pot in Zendesk.
  • Embedded softphone in Zendesk: Agents can manage all customer service interaction from one centrealized interface.
  • Comprehensive user profiles: Agents are empowered with customer knowledge.

(Mobile App News)

How successful is the approach,

This approach is very good, considering that 90% of their site reviews are positive.

How do you think it could be improved? 

90% of the reviews are positive, however I could identify some negative ones those, are gold tools to improve and some of them are:

Negative:  May 7, 2013, Based on industry best practices, some may find Zendesk’s out of the box functionality somewhat limited and customizable options few and far between.

Negative: April 9, 2013, The way it handles email. If you receive an email from it and then respond, but your email address is not the same one that it used to send you a response, then your email never posts to the ticket and you never get a response back letting you know it was not delivered.

Negative: December 20, 2012, Security should come free of charge and other non-security features should be part of the different plans.

Negative: December 31, 2013: Zendesk isn’t integrated with as many systems as some other options.


Improve your CRM and make sure that security tools are free, clients are going to like that, and will pay for other futures.

Make the app integrated with other systems, for some reason some people can’t use it at all.

3.    State Farm Insurance

How does the app communicate with its users?” By “communicate”

The app communicates with its users through the one to one customer service offered by their agent. This person will contact you whichever way is more confortable for the client. It could be either by email, app, telephone, etc.

In terms of the app it periodically releases updates to Pocket Agent and send mobile notifications.

For security reasons they recommend you to enrolled on as well as the app.

Advertising communication campaign going on:  On March 19, State Farm launched a campaign where people are encouraged to submit to Facebook App by March 23, 2014 their ideas on how to improve their community, for the chance to win one  40 $ 25,000 State Farm Neighborhood Grant.  (Mobile App News)

How successful is the approach?

This approach is very good most of their reviews are positive

How do you think it could be improved? 

Some of the negative comments collected from their reviews are:

Negative: March 5, 2014, the app can’t log in.

Negative: March 14, 2014, someone said that the app does not work anymore.

Recommendation:  My recommendation is basically try to ensure that the app works for all devices.


The app communicates through email, App notifications. According to your GPS location.

Security and expands:  At the end of January Realtor App Store included a feature that includes Shows Assistant to their clients.

Since then, members are invited to review and purchase apps, which will later be added to their MLS home screen, giving hem one click access.

They communicate through their Social Media and other related apps their partnership with Clarity Security which is an online marketplace for real estate apps and services that want to sell third party products.

How successful is the approach?

This approach is good most of their reviews are positive

How do you think it could be improved? 

The negative comments (help to identify their weaknesses) are divided depending on the type of device:


Negative:  March 8, 2014, The US counterparts, reflect the quality and development experience that this app should have. GPS and map is useless.

Negative:  February 22, 2014, Someone gets a black white page and the app does not work


Negative: Nothing is selectable.

Negative: The app takes four minutes to load.


The app cannot communicate with Blackberry at all


My recommendation is mainly make the app user friendly for all type of devices. If we compare IOS to Android’s reviews, we could see that IOS reviews are  better than Android. So they should work improving their Android platform.



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