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From Social to Mobile

 1.   MacDonald´s 

a) Approached: McDonald approached the app technology with the objective of improving their 4 Ps of their marketing mixt:

  • Product/CSR: One of the values that McDonald´s tries to promote is the value of giving back to their communities in terms of Social Responsibility to make the world better, so they want to promote their natural products by creating TRY MYMACCA´S is an app that has the following features: Uses the IPhone´s GPS to find out which restaurant you are in, recognizes the package, calculates what you are about to eat and accesses MacDonald’s supply chain to find out the story of the product that you are about to eat.

         A similar campaign that teaches kids to put the garbage in the garbage bins is: KICK THE TRASH’ CAMPAIGN.

  • Place:   LOCATION-BASED MOBILE CAMPAIGN, which help them to raise awareness of their new restaurant locations.
  • Promotions/Price:  They constantly launch different types of promotion campaigns most of them are related to games for kids and youth such as: MCDONALD’S MONOPOLY, DIGITAL HAPPY MEALS PLAY ZONES or ANGRY BIRDS IN MCDONALD’S CHINA.

They also have seasonal promotions apps that are according to the weather like MCDONALD’S ICED FRUIT     SMOOTHIE APP.

In addition they have meals promotions like MCDONALD’S FREE BREAKFAST DAY

(Andrew Warren-Payne, 2013)

b) Effective: All the apps created by McDonald’s were effective, each of them had its own objective which mainly are either increase new product awareness, promote all their products, drive people to the store and improve the negative image about their ingredients.

b) Risk: The only risk that I can find in this case are their competitors.

 2.   Target

a)   Approached: Target’s app marketing strategy approaches their customers by relating mainly to three of the four marketing mixt elements that are the product place and promotions in the TARGET MOBILE APP.

  • Product: They promote their products by facilitating the customer’s buying process and offering features such as app to do your SHOPPING LIST Target FASHION DESIGNER collaborations, and PRODUCT REVIEWS
  • Place: The app is part of Target multichannel strategy that provides ACCESS to the store from ANYWHERE. It has its own GPS that directs you to the isle of the product that you are looking for.
  • Promotions:  You can access to FREE COUPONS. In addition, Target also partnered SOPKICK in order to create a Mobile Rewards. This application provides points to their customers as soon as they step foot in one of Target’s stores, which can be redeemed for items in the store, they are also linked with Facebook credits, dining gift certificates, iTunes downloads, charitable donations, etc.

(Target, 2013)

b) Effective: This app that improves their customer’s shopping experience in.

b) Risk: The only risk that I can find in this App strategy is the fact that the store provides free Wii fi inside the store; this fact could encourage people to compare Target’s prices to their competitor’s prices.

  3. Corona

 a) Approached:  Corona is a product that has many advertising regulations, that’s why they always approach to their target market with the concept of happiness, beach, etc. In this case they targeted their party and music Corona’s customers lovers in partnership with Mogreet and Grooveshark they created the CORONA TAPS SMS.

This application is a Virtual DJ Beach Getaway  that is mainly a Promotion that allows people to become virtual DJ’s and host their own exclusive parties via an SMS mobile marketing campaign.

This application follows the following procedure:

  • Register users are entitled to host parties
  • User sends an SMS
  • Holster has the power to monitor the music
  • Morgreet provides a bridge between user and the music requested
  • Their friends can access to the party by using a code
  • Customers can tweet or text a song request

(Kats, 2013)

a) Effective:   I believe selling a very creative concept idea instead of a product is very effective for products like alcohol and taco.

b) Risk: They shouldn’t have any risk related to the app, as long as they do everything legal.


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One comment on “From Social to Mobile

  1. Dave
    November 17, 2013

    Well done. I especially liked the reference to “show rooming” in the Target example.

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